WWROF Webinar


We’ve just concluded the World Wide Radio Operators Foundation’s webinar titled “What is Radio Scouting and What does it mean to me?” You can find the slide deck at http://k2bsa.net/wwrof-webinar/ We will be posting a link to the recording of the webinar as soon as it is available.

If you’re considering providing your own presentation to either a Scouting audience or an amateur radio audience, the WWROF slide deck will be of great use. You can also find other presentations at http://k2bsa.net/radio-scouting-presentations/ with slide decks specifically targeted for each audience.

You can also find a brochure ready for printing that can be of use in presentations or just to hand out as you’re promoting Radio Scouting at http://k2bsa.net/mentoring-brochure/

Thanks to the WWROF for hosting the webinar and all those who attended.


  1. All I see here is marketing pushing amateur radio. There is nothing showing how it can be used to make patrols and troops stronger. That is sad, because I can make a long list of those things.

    Sorry to be blunt, but this is a “buy my stuff” preso. We need to do a lot better. Start with the needs of the troop and work back to amateur radio. This is starting with the needs of amateur radio and working towards the troop.

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