World Jamboree Staff Members

Here's the current listing of the 2019 World Jamboree amateur radio staff members that will be operating station NA1WJ at the Summit Bechtel Scout Reserve in West Virginia.

You can learn more about the NA1WJ at World Jamboree Operations Plan. For more about the World Jamboree see 24th WSJ.

2019 WSJ Amateur Radio Staffing

Updated on 11-December-2018
NameCall Sign
Kevin Ong9M2KEV/N2KEV
Mike CrownoverAD5A
Kaize Hong (Jerry)BU2DE
Alejandro CandiaCE3JVS
Isabel Carre–oCE3TLE
Scott HooperHB9EAR/KT0P
Michael CullenK1NPT
Gary WilsonK2GW
Demi PulasK4BSA
Jim WilsonK5ND
Donald SonnefeldKD2FIL
Stein AnkarstrandLA4MIA
Tobias SentiN/A
Elinor SparrowN/A
Bill BodeN4WEB
Rick SmithN6GSE
Bill StearnsNE4RD
Hannu Ratto, BandaOH7GIG
Sjaak (Willem) Van DamPA3GVR/W4RIS
Robert ElsingaPC5E
Remko WellingPE1MEW
Axel LimboschPE1NLM
Jeroen LimboschPE1PDI
Flavia MendoncaPU2AMF
Ilene ArendsTBD
Mike SprengerW4UOO