Call Sign Application

If you’re interested in using the K2BSA call sign for a Scouting event, you’ll need to complete the Call Sign Application below. Just fill in the information for your event and press submit. You’ll receive a confirmation email with a copy of the information you submitted. Within the next five days you’ll receive an approval response. This will be followed by adding your event to the K2BSA calendar.

Note: As the control operator you are responsible for station operation within all FCC regulations including frequency, power level, modes of operation, interference, and third-party traffic to name just a few. You must operate within the limits of your operator license privileges. You can find more information at the ARRL Control Operator Info Page.

Several K2BSA operations can be underway simultaneously through the use of locator information such as K2BSA/3. Check to see if your call area is available for use on the dates you need by looking at the Calendar.

Note that there are standard K2BSA QSL card files for your use. You can download the files, print them on your color printer, print your information on the blank flip side, complete the QSO information, and mail them. The files can be found at K2BSA QSL Cards.  Of course, you can also use cards of your own design.

Finally, if a K2BSA call sign isn’t available on the date of your event, you can apply for a 1×1 call sign at this website

K2BSA Call Sign Application

  • We'd like to hear more about your event so that we can do a better job promoting it on the website.
  • Include the address of your event. The call sign is only available to locations covered by FCC regulations.
  • What date will your event start?
    Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • What date will your event end?
    Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • The control operator's license class dictates allowable frequencies, modes, and power levels.
  • Include Self Addressed Stamped Envelope, etc.