On the Air

This page is meant to share on-air experiences with K2BSA.

Contact with Sunita Williams on the International Space Station

This contact happened October 20, 2012 during Jamboree on the Air from the National Scouting Museum. The contact was through the ARISS program and involved ground stations in Perth and Brisbane, Australia who handed off the contact to extend it to nearly 16 minutes.

JOTA Contact with ISS

ARRL Kids Day, January 8, 2012, National Scouting Museum

From Tom Scheussler, N5HYP — 
We had a decently successful Kids day effort at the Museum on Jan 8.  We made some good HF contacts including a long conversation between our Scouts and a big Scout setup in Hawaii.  Had an active teen on the other end who talked with at least 4 or 5 scouts in the Museum. We also ran two satellite passes of AO-27 which netted 17 QSO-s.  Click on the audio file below.

K2BSA_5 January 2012

Radio Merit Badge Workshop, September 10, 2011, National Scouting Museum

This entry is from the September 10, 2011, operation of K2BSA/5 at the National Scouting Museum as part of a Radio Merit Badge class conducted by the Irving Amateur Radio Club and led by Tom Schuessler, N5HYP. It is a recording of several contacts made via amateur radio satellite with a chorus of Scouts chiming in with the grid square location information, which is EM12 for the museum.

K2BSA_5 Sept 2011