2013 Staff

Here’s the Scouters, Scouts, and amateur radio operators that served at the K2BSA operation at the Summit during the 2013 National Jamboree.

NameCallJamboree ExperienceHam Radio ExperienceDay JobLocation
Frank Van WinkleAA1FV2010 Pioneering StaffLicensed in 2001. Heavily involved in emergency communications in Oregon. Fifty plus years experience in Scouting.Jeweler, clock repair.Astoria, Oregon
Paul TrotterAA4ZZ2010 K2BSALicensed in 1975. Volunteer Examiner. VHF/UHF Contester and Author/Presenter. 432 MHz DXCC. Satellite, ISS ops at 2010 Jamboree.Homebuilding and Real Estate business. BSEE and MBA.Charlotte, North Carolina
Jim CraftAD0AC1993 Jamboree participant, 2010 Jamboree visitorLicensed in 1997. Unit Commissioner, Order of the Arrow. Active in DX, foxhunting, field day, digital modes.Public Defender, attorney.Independence, Missouri
Joe RiggsAD4UMVisited in 2005, participant in 1977, PennsylvaniaLicensed in 1993. Volunteer Examiner. Dxing, contesting, and Field Day. Teaches Radio Merit Badge.BSEE/PE in own business.Kingsport, Tennessee
Chris KimAG6CKFirst JamboreeLicensed in 1990. Radio Merit Badge instructor. Woodbadge.Software application developer.Irvine, California
Ron WoodK0BRO2010 K2BSALicensed in 1955. Volunteer Examiner. Primarily Dxing via CW --- roughly 300 countries. Philmont trek in 2011.Retired. BSEE/PE/JD, Chairman/CEO Black & Veatch EnergyBelton, Missouri
Sid HughesK0SCH2010 K2BSALicensed in 2006. Active in emergency communications. Setting up KB0BSA at Denver Council. Volunteer Examiner and Radio Merit Badge CounselorOperates Apple computer support business. Retired military.Denver, Colorado
Bob BereitK3RMBVisited four JamboreesLicensed in 2005. Over 39 years as a Scout leader. Seven Philmont Treks. Operated PJ2T in 2010 CQ RTTY Contest.Retired. IT Project Manager at Dresser Industries.Greensburg, Pennsylvania
Demi PulasK4BSA2007 and 2011 World Scout Jamboree, operating ham radio station.Licensed in 1965. Volunteer Examiner. Advisor for Venturing Crew with focus on amateur radio and first aid/cpr etc. Teaches Technician license classes each year, Radio Merit Badge counselor.Senior trial attorney at the Federal Energy Regulatory CommissionFalls Church, Virginia
Jim ForresterK4JF1981/1985 Textile Merit Badge, 2010 Masonic Scouters ExhibitLicensed since 1975 with DXCC, WAC. ARRL Life Member, Volunteer Examiner.Retired. Industrial Engineering, MBA, safety focus, instructionGreenville, South Carolina
Jim WilsonK5ND2010 Media Center Director, 2005 visitorLicensed 1973, active in CW contests, National JOTA Organizer, K2BSA President/Trustee, author Heathkit General Class Amateur Radio License Course.Communication Services Director, BSA. Electronics instructor/writer. Communicator and publisher.Grapevine, Texas
John SolmanK9YB1960 ParticipantLicensed in 1961. Active with JOTA and Merit BadgesPh. D. EE at MIT Lincoln Lab in space communicationLincoln, Massachusetts
Charlie MartinKB3COFirst JamboreeLicensed in 1978.BSEE/PEBlue Bell, Pennsylvania
Tanner LovelaceKB4TYEFirst JamboreeLicensed in 1985. Volunteer Examiner. High altitude balloon expertise as well as ARES and APRS.Software engineer, modeling computer networks for Fortune 500 and Military clients.Durham, North Carolina
Mike YammineKB8CMSFirst JamboreeLicensed in 1987. Crew Advisor, Woodbadge. 2012 Philmont Trek. Active with Findlay Radio Club. Ice Hockey Player.Electrical Engineer. Founded company focused on remote telemetry and industrial controls.Findlay, Ohio
Anthony GaitoKC0CSG2010 K2BSALicensed in 1998. Active in emergency communication. Studying for Extra Exam.Maintenance manager with thermoforming equipment. Consulting.Mableton, Georgia
Joe GriggsKC0HCUFirst JamboreeLicense in 1958. Unit Commissioner. Active in Emcomm.Retired production support engineer for Hallmark Cards.Gladstone, Missouri
Wm. LeslieKC2FYY2005 K2BSALicensed in 2000. Active in foxhunting, mountaintopping, Volunteer ExaminerTeaches 8th Grade Technology.Ossining, New York
James LithgowKC9LXT2010 participant, 2005 visitorLicensed in 2007. Working on Extra. Active in HF and VHF/UHF including JOTA and event assistance. Philmont Trek in 2011.High school student studying music, physics, computer programming, mathematics.Schaumburg, Illinois
James P. CraftKD0MLWFirst JamboreeLicensed in 2010. Active in Dxing, Field Day.Retired QC engineer. Teaches middle and high school as substituteOlathe, Kansas
Michael TindallKE5TBTFirst JamboreeLicensed in 2008. Active in Scouting and Emergency Communications.Hedgesville, West Virginia
Paul SkyllingstadKE7CETFirst JamboreeLicensed in 2004. Active with son in amateur radio and Scouting. Son on Jamboree Today staff in 2010 and 2013.Geologist/Hydrologist for State of Washington, retiring in 2013 after 25 years.Tacoma, Washington
Chase MansfieldKE7UMI2010 Jamboree participantLicensed in 2007.Highland, Utah
Janell LovelaceKI4BZGFirst JamboreeLicensed in 2003. High altitude balloon launches. Five years staffing National Youth Science Camp in West VirginiaSoftware engineer.Durham, North Carolina
Todd WeatherfordKI8CXFirst JamboreeLicensed in 1996. Troop committee member. Active in JOTA, radio merit badge, license classes, field day.Professor in electrical engineering at the Naval Postgraduate School.Prunedale, California
Dan BurrowKJ6JZU2010 Merit Badge MidwayLicensed in 2010 at the Jamboree. Active in Dxing, Field Day, RACES.Electrical contractor on power station systems and controls.Oakhurst, California
Scott HooperKT0PFirst JamboreeLicensed in 1977. Active Dxing and Contesting. Led Woodbadge Patrol in JOTA operation. NOAC staff member for 6 conferences.Ph.D. Microbiologist directing vaccine process developmentCharlottesville, Virginia
Bill MoweryKU4PVFirst JamboreeLicensed in 1997. Volunteer Examiner. Frequently in West Viriginia. Remote operations and campingProject manager with CSC. Electronics and computer engineering.Blythewood, South Carolina
Sean MaxeyKV0ICEFirst JamboreeLicensed in 2006. Eagle Scout. Philmont Staff. Wife was on Philmont Staff. Married at Villa Philamonte.Electrician working on overhead cranes and control systems.Decatur, Illinois
Rob GrestyN3RLLFirst JamboreeLicensed in 1992.Bowie, Maryland
Grant GraessleN4PGG1981 ParticipantLicensed in 1994. Active Field Day competitor. Teaches Radio Merit Badge and License Prep.Cost analyst at Naval Systems Command. Retired Navy Supply Officer, served in Iraq.California, Maryland
Bill BodeN4WEB2005 Trading Post, participant in 1977Licensed since 2001. President Tampa Amateur Radio Club, active at Field Day and JOTA. Volunteer Examiner, teaches Radio Merit Badge. Technical director for AT&T research lab, Internet and RF-ID specialtyTampa, Florida
Hal FuglaarN5BXPFirst JamboreeLicensed in 1971. District Health and Safety Chairman (Day job 911 Paramedic). Shooting Sports Venturing Crew Advisor. Active with Satellites.Provides computer networking services for local fire departments.Rosenberg, Texas
Roy AdamN6FUNFirst JamboreeLicensed in 1992. Active Scouter and drives JOTA in his council. Speaks Japanese and Indonesian.Sales and Marketing for cooking oils to major food manufacturers.Richmond, California
Rick SmithN6GSEFirst JamboreeLicensed in 2010. Active with mentoring robotics projects.Retired Naval officer in nuclear submarines, MS EE. Computer Security Consultant.Crofton, Maryland
Russ MickiewiczN7QR2001/2010 K2BSA, 2005 Arts & SciencesLicensed in 1966. Active in Dxing, contesting. Volunteer Examiner. Radio Merit Badge counselor.Engineer with Tektronix, licensed PE, private pilotPortland, Oregon
Jason PeelerN9OPPFirst JamboreeLicense in 1992. Very active in Scouting. Unit Commissioner, Assistant Crew Advisor. Runs JOTA station at Council Camporee with 6,000 in attendance.Army veteran with many overseas assignments. Retail electronics store manager.Plano, Illinois
Norm HuberN9ZKS2010 K2BSAFirst licensed 1994. Very active in Scouting as commissioner. Also motorcycle club and emergency communication.Retired from Army and commercial nuclear power operations.Bloomington, Illinois
Alan BraunNS0B2010 K2BSALicensed in 1985, Volunteer Examiner, teaches radio merit badge and active Dxer/contester. Philmont Trek in 2011.Medical Doctor, arthritis specialtyNorwalk, Iowa
Chris ArmstrongW0CWAFirst JamboreeLicensed in 2002. Active with JOTA and International Scouting.Group travel specialist. Handling Jamboree travel for Heart of America Council.Lawrence, Kansas
Rick ClemW0IS1973 Jamboree participant, IdahoLicensed in 1974. Active with QRP-CW portable operations tied to camping trips. Author of Technician License study guide.Attorney in private practice. Instructor of legal continuing education.St. Paul, Minnesota
Nathaniel FrissellW2NAF2005 and 2010 K2BSA, 1997 ParticipantLicensed in 1998. Active in Dxing. Volunteer Examiner. Radio Merit Badge counselor. ARRL ad-hoc committee on youth in ham radio.Ph.D. student in ionospheric physics. Spent 5 months in Svalbard studying polar upper atmosphere.Blacksburg, Virginia
Rue StutevilleW4RUE2001/05 Cook Crew, 2010 K2BSALicensed in 1979. Volunteer Examiner. Troop Committee members, past Scoutmaster. Active in digital modes and kit building.Retired federal supervisor and heavy equipment mechanic. 8 years USMC.Norfolk, Virginia
Mike SprengerW4UOOFirst JamboreeLicensed in 1992. Very active Scouter and amateur radio. Lots of satellite and JOTA operations. QRP PSK with iPhone app.IT and network engineer with Price Waterhouse Coopers.Brandon, Florida
Tim O'RourkeW4YNFirst JamboreeLicensed in 1964. Builds QRP gear and uses SDR. Active in JOTA and license classes.Construction project manager.Charlotte, North Carolina
Keith KaiserWA0TJTFirst JamboreeLicensed in 1967. Active in EmComm, President Near Space Ventures an Amateur Radio Ballooning group, ran JOTA stations for past 25 years. ADC for Venturing. Teaches Radio, Emergency Preparedness, and Computer MBSoftware development and installation with SAS.Kansas City, Missouri
Steve BackWB2OGY2010 Retail FoodLicensed in 1964. Active in Dxing, contesting. Volunteer Examiner. Radio Merit Badge counselor. Active amateur radio Venturing Crew.Engineer designing satellite terminals.Lawrenceville, Georgia
David VerlindeWB8AXP1981 Participant, 1986 Youth ServicesLicensed in 1966. Scoutmaster.Retired teacher in physics, science, math, and computers.Rochester, Michigan