Radio Scouting Quick Reference Card

Tom Schuessler, N5HYP, and Chris Shanahan, KE5KPC, have conducted quite a few Radio Merit Badge classes and several Jamboree on the Air events at the National Scouting Museum. In that time, they've become experts on what works when teaching Scouts and getting them on the air.

In this latest effort, they've designed a Radio Scouting Quick Reference Card that can help Scouts get prepared for an on the air contact and assist them during that contact. It has phonetics, Q-signals, and a list of 45 questions to help get that Scout-to-Scout conversation going.

Download the PDF at this link Radio Scouting Quick Reference Card

Print it on card stock or heavy paper, cut to size, hand out to Scouts with some coaching, and then get on the air.

Thanks Tom and Chris for creating and sharing this great resource.