2017JamboLogo-4K2BSA has been at every Jamboree since 1977, right after it was first licensed. You can find all the history on this website at Jamboree History.

The 2013 Jamboree was held at the The Summit Bechtel Reserve in West Virginia. You can see the full report of the operation at K2BSA 2013 Jamboree Report. The operations plan can be downloaded at K2BSA 2013 Jamboree Operations Plan

The 2017 Jamboree was held in the same place. You can find the full report at K2BSA 2017 Jamboree Report. Also try the pull down menus for further information.

For the 2019 World Jamboree at the Summit, the call sign NA1WJ will be in use. You can find out more at NA1WJ World Jamboree.