World Jamboree Sponsors

Icom America is the amateur radio transceiver supplier for the World Scout Jamboree based on their previous support to Boy Scouts of America National Jamborees. They have already provided three repeaters in a permanent installation at the Summit. They are also loaning transceivers and other gear for use in the demonstration station as well as for station W8J in the World JOTA-JOTI display. Transceivers include: IC-7300, IC-9700, ID-5100A, and IC-7100.

DX Engineering has already provided hex beam antennas, vertical antennas, cables, connectors, triplexers, and bandpass filters for use in the demonstration station. This was a 2017 Jamboree donation.

MFJ Enterprises in 2017 provided dipole antennas, headphones, and rotator. For 2019 they are providing keys, paddles, code readers, power supplies, and additional headphones.

JK Antennas for 2019 provided HF antennas including a 20-15-10 m Yagi (C3S), a 40 m rotatable dipole, and a 20-17 m Yagi.

Geochron provided a Geochron Digital 4K UND for display at the demonstration tent.

Dog Park Software provided MacLoggerDX and MacDoppler specifically to support our satellite operations.

Thanks to all our sponsors and supporters. Their equipment and software are greatly appreciated and provided a superb example of amateur radio for the Scouts participating in the 24th World Scout Jamboree.