JOTA USA Reports

The table below provides a history of the level of reported Jamboree on the Air activity in the USA over the last four years.

Total Scouts 7,872 10,761 7,117 7,737
Total Visitors 4,753 6,668 5,138 5,589
Total Participants 12,625 17,429 12,255 13,326
Total Reports Filed226267208205
Amateur Radio Ops958 1,120 979945
Total Radios/Stations525631847480
Amateur Radio Contacts 7,177 8,254 8,360 6,707
Countries Contacted8910010688
JOTA Stations Registered215295346354
JOTI Locations Registered274505100N/A
Scout Councils in Reports150151127148
Radio Merit Badges Earned5,840 6,442 6,709 6,665
Amateur Radio Op Strips Sold Past 12 months 1,870 1,825 1,726 6,800
Morse Code Interpreter Sold Past 12 months307304365 1,200

Next is the report on activity in the 2017 Jamboree on the Air within the USA. You can download the report files at the following links including a full listing of station reports, results, and comments as well as an MS Word file that you can use for club newsletters, etc.


You can find the 2016 USA Jamboree on the Air report at these links.

You can download the 2015 Jamboree on the Air Report in PDF format at this link USA JOTA 2015. It's four pages in A4 format but will squeeze down in Adobe Reader by selecting "fit" when printing.

For the 2014 Jamboree on the Air Report you can also download it in PDF format at USA JOTA 2014 Report.

The previous reports are at USA 2013 JOTA Report, USA 2012 JOTA Report, and USA 2011 JOTA Report.