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Jamboree on the Air / Jamboree on the Internet 2023

The world’s largest scouting event is coming in October 20-22 2023 on the air and on the internet!  The patch for the US is out and you can find it here.  As usual you need to register your activity on the JOTAJOTI website where you’ll receive your station ID that will most likely be asked during your QSOs.

Operating Rules

  • All radio operators must operate their station strictly in accordance with FCC regulations.
  • Stations should try to contact each other by calling “CQ Jamboree” or “CQ JOTA” or by answering other stations sending this call.
  • Any authorized amateur radio frequency may be used. It is suggested that the scout frequencies be used, at least for a starting point.  Remember your radio has a dial and move away from active nets and contesters.
  • Any amateur mode of operation can be used such, as CW, SSB, PSK, SSTV, FM, and satellite. The more modes in operation, the more exciting the event will be for the Scouts.
  • JOTA is not a contest. The idea is to contact other Scout stations and allow as many Scouts as possible to talk to other Scouts and learn about who they are and what they are doing. You might think about counting the Scouts on both sides of the QSO rather than the number of QSOs!
  • Scout Camps on the Air is still being developed, but ensure you log your contacts for inclusion in this special program once submissions are tracked.

Check our website for all the information that you can use to make your event a success!  Incorporate some of the JOTI components to make your event a complete experience for the scouts.

The Road to the 2023 National Scout Jamboree

We are less than a three weeks away from the start of the 2023 National Scout Jamboree at The Summit Bechtel Reserve in West Virginia.  Showcasing amateur radio at the National Jamboree has been a tradition of the K2BSA since 1977, and this year is not any different.  Well, it’s a little different.

This year the Jamboree was slotted to be a bit smaller than previous Jamborees, and as such the funding for extra programs were cut.  We decided early on that K2BSA would continue to participate at the event regardless of funding cuts.  We were given our budget of $0 in mid-2022, so we reached out to secure funding for the program with the ARDC.  The ARDC has been the recent source of funding for many programs and projects that have historical and significant impacts to the amateur radio community, and we thank them immensely for agreeing with our proposal to continue this event.  Their funding will be providing commercial tent rentals, chairs, tables, and technology to make the event safe and effective for our program.

Icom America has once again outfitted the K2BSA crew with their outstanding transceivers. Our HF operations will be conducted using the IC-7300.  We will be active on three HF bands at the same time as conditions permit 40m and up.  Satellite operations will be operated using the IC-9700.  VHF/UHF and D-Star operations will be on the ID-5100A and ID-52A.  Summits on the Air activity will be conducted with the IC-705!  We have several amateurs on the crew interested in activating Garden Ground Mountain – W8V/NR-058 during our two weeks at The Summit. The performance and reliability of the loaner gear is paramount to the success of the event, and the Icom America gear continues to outperform all expectations.

We hope to work you on the air when K2BSA becomes active!  We expect to be on HF (40m-10M band conditions permitting), D-Star (REF033A), and the local repeater(s) will be linked to *JOTA-365* conference node on Echolink.

#Hamvention 2023 is here!

Come visit our volunteers in booth #2205.

Hamvention 2023 Booth Volunteers Needed!

It’s that time of year again when we all head to Ohio for Hamvention!  We are in need of a booth manager and more booth volunteers.  The booth manager will help with organizing the volunteers and ensuring everything is ready to go on the daily at our booth.  If you are interested in volunteering or managing the booth, please fill out the application here:  https://k2bsa.net/2023-hamvention-booth-volunteer/