Jamboree on the Air / Jamboree on the Internet 2023


The world’s largest scouting event is coming in October 20-22 2023 on the air and on the internet!  The patch for the US is out and you can find it here.  As usual you need to register your activity on the JOTAJOTI website where you’ll receive your station ID that will most likely be asked during your QSOs.

Operating Rules

  • All radio operators must operate their station strictly in accordance with FCC regulations.
  • Stations should try to contact each other by calling “CQ Jamboree” or “CQ JOTA” or by answering other stations sending this call.
  • Any authorized amateur radio frequency may be used. It is suggested that the scout frequencies be used, at least for a starting point.  Remember your radio has a dial and move away from active nets and contesters.
  • Any amateur mode of operation can be used such, as CW, SSB, PSK, SSTV, FM, and satellite. The more modes in operation, the more exciting the event will be for the Scouts.
  • JOTA is not a contest. The idea is to contact other Scout stations and allow as many Scouts as possible to talk to other Scouts and learn about who they are and what they are doing. You might think about counting the Scouts on both sides of the QSO rather than the number of QSOs!
  • Scout Camps on the Air is still being developed, but ensure you log your contacts for inclusion in this special program once submissions are tracked.

Check our website for all the information that you can use to make your event a success!  Incorporate some of the JOTI components to make your event a complete experience for the scouts.