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WB4SA Telegraph Encrypt/Decrypt Game

WB4SA Central Florida Council – Radio Scouting Program

May 16th, 2020 is our Cub Pioneer Days Cuboree, an 1800’s theme event with Native American exhibits, cooking, camping and several historical activities.
So how could I get our very active Radio Scouting program involved… bring in the the Telegraph and teach the scouts Morse code, through osmosis. Most of the Cubs already learned SOS, as we taught it to 12,300 scouts last year as part of our monthly events at council.
Telegraph Encrypt/Decrypt game
A fun game where Scouts have to transcribe a message and get it to their partner via telegraph. Their partner has to write it out, then send an answer back. They work as teams and the fastest teams of the day win prizes. They can repeat the game as many times as they like, getting a new phrase each time. Each station SET involves two Morse code straight keys a good distance form each so that a pair of scouts can communicate with each other. We can do two teams at a time.  The phrases they use are simple one line Scout jokes, one sentence each way. The first couple times take a while, but they slowly learn/memorize each letters ‘dit-da code’ so they start transcribing the sentence to Morse much faster the more times they do it.

Example phrases… #1 sends it to #2…#2 decodes it, then replys with #2 answer…#1 decodes and shows judge/time keeper.
Cub 1: How can you tell if a buffalo is under your sleeping bag?
Cub 2: The ceiling of your tent is very close.

Cub 1: What do you find between the hooves of buffaloes?
Cub 2: Slow buffalo hunters.

Cub 1: What do you get when you cross peanut butter with a buffalo?
Cub 2: You either get peanut butter that roams the range or a buffalo that sticks to the roof of your mouth.

Cub 1: How can you tell a buffalo from a field mouse?
Cub 2: Try to pick it up. If you can’t, it’s either a buffalo or a very overweight mouse.

Cub 1: What time is it when a buffalo sits in your canoe?
Cub 2: Time to get a new canoe.

73 & YIS (Yours in Scouting),

Ken Lyons, KN4MDJ / Trustee for wB4SA

BSA – Central Florida Council – www.RadioScouting.US

JOTA 2019 Station Report Icom ID-51A Winner

Congratulations to Robert Crow, KA8CDC, reporting results for the K2BSA/8 station at the Ohio River Valley Council’s JOTA Fall Camporee. He wins the Icom ID-51A Plus2 VHF/UHF D-Star portable as a result of winning the drawing from all those entering a station report.

The drawing was conducted by RandomPicker.


Jamboree on the Air 2019 Report

The Jamboree on the Air Report of 2019 is published at USA JOTA Reports. Here’s the summary from William Stearns, NE4RD, Chairman BSA National JOTA Task Force.


While the reported numbers show a slight fall in overall participation, our calculations show that each station averaged an additional 13 people in attendance over last year This shows an aggregate increase of 24% attendance per station even with our reported stations being down from 266 in 2018 to 201 in 2019.

USA Jamboree on the Air Station Registration

We’ve decided to provide a USA Jamboree on the Air Station Registration System. This way we can directly publish station information to facilitate contacts and more readily provide information to those who have registered. It will also help us collect information after the event. You can register your station at

USA JOTA Station Registration Here

We’ve made this announcement here and via the JOTA Newsletter. You can find the latest edition and subscribe at JOTA Newsletter.