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National Jamboree 2021 Postponed

Communications were received yesterday from the 2021 National Jamboree Executive Leadership Team that the National Jamboree 2021 has been postponed due to the unpredictability of the pandemic and its impact on local councils.

The Boy Scouts of America is committed to the safety of all youth in our programs. Planning, preparations, and decisions regarding National Jamborees take place months, and even years, in advance. The unresolved issues surrounding the pandemic make it exceedingly difficult to plan and prepare for a premiere event of this size in a way that continues to keep the safety of Scouts, volunteers, staff, and communities at the forefront.

Thank you to all the volunteers that signed up to be on staff at the K2BSA Amateur Radio Station!  We look forward to the rescheduling of this event and your continued support of our operations at the National Jamborees.

Jamboree 2021 Call for Operators

We’re getting ready for the largest Scout gathering in the United States coming Summer 2021.  We’re looking for operators to be on staff at the K2BSA demonstration station and Radio Merit Badge area.

The operations plan is in the works.  This time we’re going to be focusing on demonstrating Voice and CW operations on HF/VHF/UHF and satellite.  As well, we will most likely be doing Radio Merit Badge, Morse Code Interpreter Strip, balloon launch(es), and Amateur Radio Direction Finding.

If you think you’re interested in serving on staff at the National Jamboree, please consider applying on the national site by navigating here then fill out our survey here to get in line for interviews.  If you are not sure but still want to interview, please submit the survey.  Training for your position will start towards the end of 2020, but apply early to ensure your inclusion in this event!

World Jamboree License Testing — The Behind the Scenes Story

Story submitted by Bill Clark, N3DOU

What Happens at the Jamboree Doesn’t Stay at the Jamboree!

FCC License Testing Makes a Difference Around the World.

What started as a quest to get one of our World Scout Jamboree IT/COMMUNICATIONS team members, who happens to work for the Boy Scouts of America, his Amateur Radio License turned into an adventure at the 2019 World Scout Jamboree in Glen Jean, West Virginia.

Earlier, at the 2017 National Jamboree a group of hams on the IT/COMMUNICATIONS team encouraged Scott Wyatt to get his ticket.

Then at the 2019 World Scout Jamboree, we started to ask around if there were any Volunteer Examiners on site at the Summit Bechtel Reserve. Bruce McPherson, AB3AC, and I, Bill Clark, N3DOU, were Laurel Volunteer Examiners (VE) and we did find others who were affiliated with Laurel as well as the ARRL VEC. Matt Hackman, K1FUP, was kind enough to start pulling together an ARRL VE Team.

Many thanks to Keith (N8WSN), Mark (KR8N), Ed (WV8ED), and all the local W5YI group who made this exam session possible.

As we worked toward getting a VE session going we realized that with all of our staff duties it was becoming difficult putting all of the pieces together. At that point I realized there might very well be a local VE group willing to provide a testing session. I contacted Chris Hatcher, KC8AFH, the local on-site AT&T Wireless Technician to ask around. And wouldn’t you know the local W5YI team was willing to do a testing session for the group. Not only that but the testing session that had started as 1 had now grown to 9.

In our IT/Communications group we had another member, Patrick (BOOMER) Corley who we also had been after to get his ticket. He said I’ll give it a try. Then we had two other team members Andrew Pobrica, KN4GNC, and Max Krochman, KK6ILQ, who were Technicians that wanted to upgrade to General.

Elinor just found out she got her ticket!
She was part of the NA1WJ staff from the UK and has NO BACKGROUND in RADIO.
She studied on her own along with help I am sure from the rest of NA1WJ staff!
And to top this accomplishment!
Elinor’s boyfriend flew from the UK to the USA to propose to her and she accepted!

So, as we were trying to put the testing session together we were at the NA1WJ tent asking around who were VE’S and such. As you can imagine, the word was getting out among the staff. Little did we know that it is customary at a World Scout Jamboree to have a social get together of all Amateurs in camp! This was a first at the Summit as far as I know and a tradition that I hope continues in 2022 at the National Jamboree! It was a well attended event and now we had a number of Licensed Amateurs from other countries who wanted to get their US ticket along with 2 unlicensed staff members of NA1WJ. Note that over 300 hams signed the logbook at the NA1WJ station during the Jamboree.

On Wednesday night, July 31, 2019 at 7 PM we were able to hold a W5YI testing session at the Piggot bunk house IT/Comms office.

It is with pleasure that we can report everyone who tested passed at least technician.

  • KN4WYL: REMKO WELLING, PE1MEW, Netherlands — Technician & General
  • KI5GHJ: SCOTT WYATT — Technician
  • KN4WYM: PATRICK CORLEY — Technician
  • KN4WYN: TOBIAS WOLFGANG SENTI, Liechtenstein — Technician
  • WA7GIG: HANNU RATTO, OH7GIG, Finland — Technician
  • KN4WYP: ELINOR SPARROW, England  — Technician
  • AC5G: ROBERT ELSINGA, PC5E, Netherlands — Tech to Extra in one session
  • KN4GCN: ANDREW POBRICA — Upgraded to General
  • KK6ILQ: MAX KROCHMAN — Upgraded to General

The proud participants and examiners

Bill Clark N3DOU presenting WSJ 2019 memorabilia to the VE team in appreciation for their efforts on very short notice!


Ask an Astronaut a Question

During the 2019 World Scout Jamboree, the NA1WJ Amateur Radio Station will be in contact with the International Space Station as part of the ARISS Program. During the contact, which lasts about 10 minutes, we will have 10 Scouts speaking with an astronaut. That conversation will be a question and answer session, with the Scouts asking a list of 20 prearranged questions.

Thanks to everyone who provided their suggested questions for the astronaut. We received almost 40 questions through our online survey. We’ve edited that list down to 30 questions primarily by dropping or combining duplicate questions. 

We now need to narrow that list to the 20 that we’ll forward in advance to the International Space Station.

We’d like your vote on the top questions. Click the button to see the list of 30 questions and to vote on your top questions.

Vote on ISS Astronaut Questions