Mentoring Brochure


This is a brochure that can be used at hamfests and similar gatherings to introduce radio amateurs to the possibilities of working with Scouts around amateur radio. It is packed with links to more information. We’ve also provided a Radio Scouting Brochure that provides a broad overview of all Radio Scouting activities.

You have permission to print this brochure in any quantities needed for your event. It prints double-sided on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper and is folded twice into a three panel brochure. Click on an image to download the full PDF document, or use this link Mentoring Brochure PDF.  You can also download the MS Word file here Mentoring Brochure MS Word.


Mentoring Brochure, side one.


Mentoring Brochure, side two.

Mentoring Brochure V1