Jamboree July 17


It was a good day on Wednesday, July 17, and it appeared to settle into the normal daily Jamboree rhythm  — no opening shows or special events. So traffic was fairly steady most of the day. Start up is 8 AM and around 5 PM the Scouts head back to their base camps for dinner.

Over the course of the day, we had 192 Scouts go through the demonstration station (logged 334 QSOs — you can check the logbook here) and 46 Scouts earned the Radio Merit Badge. We hosted our first FCC License Exam session and three people made it through the rain and lightning with the ham radio population increased by two as a result. The ARDF-Foxhunting team introduced this outdoor approach to amateur radio to 18 Scouts.

The K2BSA Operation was also featured prominently in Jamboree Today.



  1. Will you be available at night to QSO between 7 and lights out? I have a couple of scouts that would love to jump on the air with Summit!



    • We have staff at the station and would be happy to work you and your Scouts. We’re usually out of the station by 9 PM Eastern as we have a roughly 1.8 mile hike back to the dining hall for dinner. Thanks for your interest and support of K2BSA.

  2. Thanks to the Radio volunteers for taking time to show me the Radio exhibit. The volunteers were very friendly! They made both my wife and myself feel welcomed. The Icom radios looked nice and sounded great during my QSO. The K2BSA exhibit is an awesome, hands on exhibit for the Scouts and visitors. Just a few minutes walk from the main entrance the exhibit has an breath taking view overlooking the main area of the Jamboree. It you go, Be Prepared for a lifetime of memories from Jamboree 2013! Dave- K4KDP. Trustee. KT4BSA

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