Jamboree July 18


We had a hot day with a number of lightning alerts, but no rain. The Jamboree settled into a routine. Many Scouts are headed out to a full day of service off sites and a number are headed on a trek to Garden Ground. That makes for relatively moderate traffic in the station. Plus, we were shut down for lightning warnings for a while. However, the Radio Merit Badge workshops have been full to capacity each day.

The numbers for the day were 306 Scouts received demonstrations over 102 QSOs. Conditions have not been the best. Fifty Scouts earned the Radio Merit Badge. ARDF saw 14 Scouts get on the course and find the hidden transmitters. We had a team of Scouts and a team of Adults engage in a competition with the Scouts setting a new course record in the process!

The high altitude balloon launch came off without a hitch during Airborne Day in the Summit Stadium.

The ARRL Letter promoted the K2BSA operation. Thank you to our partners at ARRL.

The highlight of the day was pulling 10 Scouts names out of the hat for the contact with the International Space Station. To get their names in the hat, they needed to complete the Radio Merit Badge here at the Jamboree. We’re now in the process to contacting the Scouts and their parents to get everything set up for the contact on Saturday, July 20. More on that later today.


  1. Will you post the names and scout council of the scouts for the ISS contact so we can see if any local scouts are to be on? Check if any legal issues are involved in doing this.

    Have heard K2BSA several times and it seems everyone is having a good time.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks for your suggestion, Ed. It’s a good one. However, we don’t have the capacity to do this. They will announce their names and location during the contact.

  2. Albert Lion, N4ZFG reports a QSO with K2BSA via satellite. Albert has helped me repeatedly with JOTA. He set up his satellite antennas and equipment at JOTA 2010 and made a QSO then. Here is Albert’s message: Dave,
    Just made a Satellite contact on VO-52 with K2BSA! 16 July, 19:44 local. 1st time for a Jamboree on satellite from my station. Cheers, Albert, N4ZFG


    Was able to get on the repeaters for the nightly net and say welcome to everyone.

    Have yet to try to make contact via other modes/bands but hope to before the Jamboree comes to a close.

    Glad to hear the ISS contact is coming together and will be listening to all THAT excitement as well!!

    73 to YOU and everyone at the Summit.

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