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USA Radio Scouting Net at Earlier Time

Radio-Scouting-Net-9PM-2nd-ThurThe USA Radio Scouting Net will be on at 9 PM Central, the second Thursday of the month, September 8. Echolink *JOTA-365* (480809).

Tell Your JOTA Story with Video

Smartphone-VideoWe’ve provided deeper insight into producing videos of your Jamboree on the Air operation. Check out Tell Your JOTA Story with Video.

Did You Work K2BSA/x During JOTA?

If you worked any of the K2BSA activations during Jamboree on the Air and are seeking to send a QSL card, you can find details on each operation at K2BSA QSL Paths. You can sort this table by call, date, etc. It typically provides the call sign of the control operator as the QSL address — and almost always asks for a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope, SASE.

You can find addresses for any USA amateur radio call sign at and a few other services.

Thanks for getting on the air during JOTA and for working K2BSA.

World JOTA QSL 1971

World JOTA QSL 1971

Radio Scouting Poster

The BSA National Radio Scouting Committee has developed a 20″ x 30″ Radio Scouting poster for use at Scouting events, JOTA stations, and ham club meetings. It can be downloaded and printed locally at relatively low-cost ($15 to $20 at Wal-Mart). The committee has even provided instructions on how to mount the poster to foamcore for a self-standing version.

Check it out and let us know how you’ve used it along with any suggestions for improvements for the next edition.

Radio Scouting Poster 20 x 30 2015 Final Draft