Radio Scouting Webinar


The World Wide Radio Operator’s Foundation has announced a webinar titled “What is Radio Scouting and Why Does it Mean to Me?” It is scheduled for September 17 at 9 PM EDT. You can register at

Jim Wilson, K5ND, will be discussing all things Radio Scouting from JOTA to the Radio Merit Badge to the Amateur Radio Operator Rating Strip. The audience is primarily amateur radio operators within an interest in contesting. So Jim will also talk about how to get on the air and engage in conversations with the Scouts during JOTA weekend.

Plan to attend. The webinar will also be recorded and posted on the WWROF website. We’ll provide a link when it is available.


  1. Not a JOTA question but just wondering if an amateur radio special event station is planned for NOAC 2015?

    Thanks and 73.


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