K3LSY Eagle Scout Project


Kelsey Seymour, K3LSY, has recently completed his Eagle Scout Project — creating go kits for a seven county region in North Central Pennsylvania and conducting the training sessions on the kits. The local news website published a video overview at this link 15-year-old Trains Emcomm Crews! You can also see the video below.


  1. Great story on Ham Radio, Scouting and EmComm. Now this is what so much of radio and the scouts are about…becoming prepared and helping others in time of need.

    Great story, thanks, ron

  2. Congratulations from “Organisation Scout Atlas” in Morooco, our group need any suggestions or eventuel contacts with BSA about scouting and radio amateur . That is very important , because we are preparing for next Jota 2014.
    All the best and 73/88 QRO to all ham scouts.
    Zidane Nabil
    responsible section “Radioscout of my group”

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