Radio Scouting Name Badge

Rick at the Sign Man has established a page for ordering the Radio Scouting Name Badge. This badge is meant for wear on the Scout uniform by licensed amateur radio operators. It gives you a chance to show off the Radio Scouting Emblem and your call sign. It is a great conversation starter.

We are also working with Ham Threads on embroidered Radio Scouting items. Stand by for news on that front.


  1. I got my Radio Scouting name badge in the mail right before our pine wood derby, I had lots of people asking about it. I chose the magnetic back and I am very pleased with how well it holds. I’ll be looking for the ham threads when they come out!

  2. Ordered up a set for my JOTA station operators. Saw it as a nice thank-you for volunteering their time. As I’ve distributed them in advance, receiving all sorts of positive comments and feedback.

  3. About how much is shipping and handling on the name plate?
    73, KD9APN