Jamboree Update


All the staff members have now made it home. We’re currently working on our final report of our efforts. That report will be published in early August on this website. We’re also gathering QSL cards and getting ready to process them. Thanks for your patience along those lines. We have uploaded the logbook to Logbook of the World and Clublog. You can check for your call sign at Jamboree Logbook.

The early numbers for the K2BSA Jamboree operation show that 2,600+ Scouts got in front of a radio and made contact with hams across the country and in a few instances, around the world. A total of 351 Scouts earned the Radio Merit Badge and well over 100 Scouts participated in ARDF — Foxhunting. The license exam sessions increased the population of amateur radio operators by 10 (nine technician licenses and one general) as well as provided four upgrades (two extras and two generals). Overall, it was a very successful operation.

We recommend connecting with the K2BSA.Scouting Facebook page for slide shows and daily reports. You may also find K5ND’s blog entry with slide show to be entertaining. Finally, Tanner Lovelace, KB4TYE, has posted a video of the International Space Station Contact.