Jamboree July 22


Rain storms became a bit of a theme for our operation. We shut down the station in the late afternoon and really didn’t fire it up until the next day. Hosted the nightly net via a laptop running Echolink. The rain did force a few people into the demonstration tent seeking shelter which gave us the opportunity to introduce them to amateur radio!

Total demonstrations for the day reached 412 Scouts spread over 111 Qs. Forty-seven Scouts earned the Radio Merit Badge. Eleven Scouts got out on the ARDF course. We also conducted a balloon launch, this time with GPS receiver and APRS transmitter, but things went haywire and we were not able to track the balloon.

License exams increased the population of hams by nine. One of our staff members passed the Extra exam. The pass rate has not been very high at all, which will be food for further review of the need for this service at the next Jamboree.

Today we have another balloon launch planned, a full day of Radio Merit Badge classes, and tear down of the station in the late afternoon. We’re missing a couple of states for Worked All States. Not at all close to DXCC.

Thanks to everyone who got on the air and worked K2BSA and spent time with the Scouts.


  1. You guys have been great at getting the Scouts on the air. Don’t worry about the DXCC; the primary mission of getting the kids prepped for their first QSO’s has been an overwhelming success!

  2. Thanks for all you did on behalf of the Scouts and Amateur Radio. While it did not meet your expectations, you touched the lives of those that participated and hopefully the efforts will be continued in the future.
    I worked K2BSA twice on 20 M, but never heard the station on 40 M.
    Best of 73s
    Parker – K0CPO and Proud to be an Eagle Scout

  3. I agree that passing the first amateur test isn’t a “given” as the testing is considerably more demanding than what they are now experiencing in school under NCLB. I think that a little basic theory along with the question pool helps as it gives more understanding of what is being asked. I have also found that those who do the merit badge work on their own by research fare better than those who have it handed to them in “quicky” sessions at camps. But of course, that’s just my opinion.

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