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Radio Scouting Presentations

I had a request this morning for a Radio Scouting presentation for an amateur radio operator audience. I’ve modified and updated the presentation that I used this year at the Dayton Hamvention in the Icom America booth. That presentation along with a presentation for Scouting audiences can be found on the Radio Scouting Presentations webpage.

Jamboree Overview Video

We’ve just added an overview video to the Jamboree 2013 Report page. Check it out!

Icom Jamboree Campaign

Icom America launched an advertising blitz during the month of June promoting the K2BSA operation at the National Scout Jamboree. They are currently running online banners on ARRL, CQ, Ham Nation, Amateur Logic TV, D-Star Info, and on their own site. You can see the advertising on their site here. They are linking to the K2BSA webpage promoting how to connect with K2BSA during the Jamboree whether you’re on site or at home. The first ads will run on Ham Nation tomorrow evening — can’t wait to see them.

What fantastic support from Icom America for the K2BSA Jamboree Operation — from equipment to repeaters to promotion. What a great partner for the Boy Scouts of America and amateur radio. Thank you Icom!

Radio Scouting Dayton Presentation

Icom America invited Jim, K5ND, to provide a presentation at their booth during the Dayton Hamvention. It was initially streamed live and now posted by Icom on YouTube. They used a nifty two screen presentation to provide a view of the slides and the presenter. The presentation is a good overview of the current activities within Radio Scouting. Check it out.