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Jamboree 2021 Call for Operators

We’re getting ready for the largest Scout gathering in the United States coming Summer 2021.  We’re looking for operators to be on staff at the K2BSA demonstration station and Radio Merit Badge area.

The operations plan is in the works.  This time we’re going to be focusing on demonstrating Voice and CW operations on HF/VHF/UHF and satellite.  As well, we will most likely be doing Radio Merit Badge, Morse Code Interpreter Strip, balloon launch(es), and Amateur Radio Direction Finding.

If you think you’re interested in serving on staff at the National Jamboree, please consider applying on the national site by navigating here then fill out our survey here to get in line for interviews.  If you are not sure but still want to interview, please submit the survey.  Training for your position will start towards the end of 2020, but apply early to ensure your inclusion in this event!

K2BSA at the Hamvention 2017

It was a new place and a new arrangement for the Hamvention® in 2017. K2BSA Amateur Radio Association was there with a booth promoting all things Radio Scouting. The traffic was incredible on both Friday and Saturday. We handed out all our Radio Scouting buttons and quite a few brochures as well.

WA5DM, net control for the monthly Radio Scouting net on Echolink, KD2GUW, and K5ND.

You can see the photos of our booth nearby. It was staffed by: Dave Long, ND4SU, who also stores our display between Hamventions; John Deegan, K9XT; Brian Chen, KD2GUW; Bob Bereit, K3RMB; Gary Wilson, K2GW; Mike Crownover, AD5A; Mike Yammine, KB3CMS; Jim Rossow, KF6GRI; John Eggum, K4EGG; Jim Wilson, K5ND; and Dale Lamm, NX8J. Thanks to all who pitched in to spread the word about Radio Scouting.

We were fortunate to have a booth allocated to us. In the last several Hamventions the ARRL had generously provide space but with new facilities they worked hard to fit in all their own displays. Icom America provided financial support for our booth as well as one of the IC-7300 Scout Council Loan stations for display. Thank you, Icom America. You can find our poster and banner at Hamvention Poster.

I will also note that on Thursday, Jim Wilson, K5ND, attended the CW Ops Dinner to accept their Award for Advancing the Art of Communicating with Morse Code on behalf of the Boy Scouts of America. The nomination referred primarily to the Morse Code Interpreter Strip.

Thanks to everyone who supported our booth and stopped by to compare notes on how best to extend the reach of amateur radio within Scouting.

BSA Recognized with CW Ops Award

The Boy Scouts of America has been recognized by the CW Operators’ Club with their Award for Advancing the Art of Communicating with Morse Code. The nomination for the award stated:

Boy Scouts of America created a new award for Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Venturers as well as Adult Leaders called the Morse Code Interpreter Strip. Created in 2012, as proposed by the BSA National Radio Scouting Committee, the Morse Code Interpreter Strip encourages youth and adults to learn Morse Code and elevate their skill level to at least 5 words per minute. Once earned, they can sew on a uniform patch. This is a superb motivator for Scouts and adults.  BSA sales records show that nearly 4,000 patches have been sold since it’s introduction. This does not necessarily correlate with the number earned as leaders and Scouts often have more that one uniform shirt that would require the patch. It is, nonetheless, a good indication of its use and popularity within Scouting. This action by the Boy Scouts of America has advanced the art of CW by introducing it to their youth and adult members, recognizing their achievement in learning and using CW, and thereby fostering the growth of CW knowledge and increasing the number of qualified operators.

Dayton, Ohio. CWops Dinner. Jim, K5ND, accepting CWops award to the Boy Scouts of America in recognition of its outstanding programs over the years that advance the art of communicating with Morse Code.

Jim Wilson, K5ND, chairman of the BSA National Radio Scouting Committee accepted the award at the CW Ops Dinner during Hamvention® in May 2017.

Previous winners of the award include: Rob Brownstein, K6RB, for creating the CW Academy; Carlo Consoli, IK0YGJ, for his book Zen and the Art of Radiotelegraphy; and Chuck Adams, K7QO, for writing and publishing a CW training course.

Congratulations to the Boy Scouts of America for this recognition of their ongoing support of amateur radio and in particular the Morse Code Interpreter Strip.