Equipment Survey Results


Thanks to the 196 people who completed our equipment survey. It was a general interest survey on the number of radios in use and the brands that we’re being used and purchased. We also asked about antennas.

The summary results are shown below. We found it interesting that there was an average of nearly eight radios owned with roughly half that number active over a month’s time. The average number of antennas came it at just about the same number of radios. Radio purchases came in at just over three in the last four years.

On the brands owned and purchased, we tallied the brands shared that totalled more than five. It’s a good selection. There were a number of boat anchors included in the results.

We learned a bit about how to organize a survey. And how not to ask some questions that resulted in data that was challenging to summarize. We’ve also set one data point for April 2015 that we can use in any follow-up survey’s over the next few years.

Thanks again for your contribution to providing this information.

Summary Numbers

Total Respondents196
Average Total Radios Owned7.7
Average Monthly Radios in Operation3.6
Average Number Used in Scouting Activities2.8
Average Radios Purchased in Last 4 Years3.2
Average Total Antennas Owned8.1

Brands Owned

Radio Shack12

Brands Purchased



  1. Where was this survey announced? I missed it and I follow this site on an RSS feed, so I at least get a glimpse at each article. I might be on the mailing list, too.

    Median is a better choice for one-sided distributions. If one person has a hundred radios, that blows up the average but has no effect on the median.

    • The survey link was provided by email to all on the Radio Scouting email list and posted on K2BSA Facebook page.

      The median number of radios owned was 6, radios in operation 3, radios in Scouting activities 2, radios purchased in last four years 3, and antennas owned 5. Not a great deal of difference but some.

  2. I’m “liked” to the K2BSA Facebook page, but there is no guarantee that Facebook will show me everything that goes on there.

    I guess I’ll have to get on the mailing list and get two copies of everything (RSS and e-mail).

    I own three transcievers, but I need to get around to selling the IC-703. Lowe HF-150 Europa counts as a radio, but it doesn’t transmit.

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