Radio Scouting @ Philmont


N1ROE on BaldyBud Turner, N1ROE, has provided a superb write-up on his recent trek at Philmont and his use of amateur radio during the trek. You can find it at Radio Scouting @ Philmont.

I encourage you to check it out and add your own stories about trekking and Radio Scouting — either at Philmont or elsewhere.

Thanks, Bud, for sharing this great story along with plenty of insight for others that will be heading to Philmont.


  1. Commercial radios and cell phones could be put in all camps; but that doesn’t teach each scout how to think, plan and learn from the wireless communication experiment and experience.
    Scouters and Scouts have to learn how to plan all the elements of wireless communication with and for each outdoor event. This would include frequency, mode, power, antenna and procedures for communication over the duration of the event. This is where HAMS can help the individual scout, patrol, troop learn these elements. This will contribute to overall scout Safety as well as each scout’s self-development.
    Examples, of this type of work can be seen at the lake washington ham club web site.
    Thanks for the really good paper — hope to add with experiences of Electronic and Radio merit badges at camp and using solar for multiple Handheld charging on extended outings. Maybe the radio and skills to use it will earn a place in the pack along with other basic scout equipment needed for fire building, compass and maps as examples.
    Horace N7DRW,

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