ARRL Field Day & Scouting


Great report from Ben Kuo, KK6FUT, on efforts at his local ARRL Field Day event. He further notes the successful use of our Radio Merit Badge materials.

We just signed off [on Radio Merit badge requirements for] 23 scouts from five different troops (!!) at ARRL Field Day this weekend using the various materials you have been posting/providing (powerpoint slides, worksheets, etc.) for the Radio MB — and also got some great publicity for both Ham Radio and Boy Scouts in our local paper. (Field Day for the local club, AA6CV). In particular, the slide set you posted awhile back from the National Jamboree was very helpful in walking the scouts through the Radio MB.

Also, check out the great news coverage of the event at The Ventura County Star along with some fabulous photos of the activities and the Scouts actively engaged with amateur radio. Our favorite Scout quotes: “James said he could just pick up a cellphone and call, but “This is definitely way more fun. It’s radio.” Lars’ interest was captured. “I definitely want to get my license now,” he said.”

Ben also provided this photo of the event.

ARRL Field Day

Are you taking advantage of Field Day to engage your Scouts and introduce them to the magic of amateur radio?