JOTA 2014 Patch Design


B9580 JOTA 2014Thanks to all those who participated in the survey to select the 2014 Jamboree on the Air patch design. We’ve closed the survey and here’s the results —

  • B9580 received 134 votes, 43%
  • PW634A received 111 votes, 36%
  • PW629A received 67 votes, 21%

You can see the selected design nearby. BSA Supply Division will now be finalizing the embroidered design and issuing the final version of the graphics. Once that is done, we’ll post the image files for your use and the ordering information for the patches.

Thanks again to everyone who took the time to registered the vote and their comments.


  1. I was really hoping the the patch with the words “Jamboree On The Air” written on the patch would be chosen. I have setup for Jamboree On The Air eight times and we always meet leaders that have no idea what a JOTA is, but have a much better understanding of a Jamboree On The Air. Most Scouts and Amateur Radio Operators do not respond to a JOTA patch, but will be much more understanding to a patch with Jamboree (for the Scouts) and On The Air (for Amateur Radio Operators). Any patch on a Scout uniform with the word “Jamboree” draws attention from fellow Scouts. Honestly, all three of the patches looked very nice and attractive!

  2. I am surprised that the patches are still not available. Our JOTA and JOTI event was held in October 2014. The scouts were excited to get their JOTI patches, but the JOTA patches keep showing up on “BACKORDER”. I am not sure who the supplier is of these patches, but I think the BSA should acknowledge that this is an issue and see what the hold up is and consider other possible suppliers for this patch.

    • Hi John,

      I agree with your concerns. Hopefully you’ve expressed your concerns to the BSA Supply Group who is responsible for delivering the patches and where you placed your order. This is the first year that they’ve been supplying both JOTA and JOTI patches. In previous years the BSA International Department handled patch ordering and delivery. It sounds like BSA Supply Group didn’t accurately predict the quantity they needed in 2014. Thanks for letting us know of this problem.

      73, Jim, K5ND

  3. Do you have any info about the JOTA 2012 patches? We ordered them a month before the event and they have not come in. I also can’t find them on the website anymore. Any suggestions on who to contact?

    • The 2014 JOTA patches have been out of stock at times. I’m advised that they’ve ordered more and they are expected to arrive in mid-February. I suggest calling BSA Supply at 800-323-0736 for status on your order.

      73, Jim, K5ND

  4. Is there a place to still order the JOTA 2014 patch? Apparently the district here doesn’t know anything about what I am talking about and can’t track down the JOTA patch that my son should have already received. It’s May and this event was in October, so I would think we should have gotten the patches by now. Thank you.

    • Hi Ashley,

      BSA Supply had some challenges keeping the patches in stock this past year. I’m told that they are available. Call 800-323-0736. The order number is 620500. Glad to hear your son was involved in Jamboree on the Air. Take care.

      Jim, K5ND

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