Jamboree Ops Plan V8 Posted


The latest operations plan, version 8, has been posted here. We’ve also updated the staff listing here. We currently have 50 staff members which include 33 attending for the full Jamboree, 8 attending the first half, and 9 attending the second half. This means we still have 9 full time openings on the staff roster.

Check out the plan for a completely updated section on the K2BSA Demonstration Station, more information on the Dayton Drill @ cricket holler planned for the week of May 12, 2013, along with a number of other updates. You’ve read about ICOM America’s incredible transceiver and repeater sponsorship. We are also working with SteppIR on antennas, Heil Sound on headphones, and Array Solutions on bandpass filters. We have also packaged a complete 80 meter ARDF–Foxhunting kit for sponsorship. At this point, we expect to solicit donations for various items that can be purchased from the K2BSA treasury (tax deductible donations for this IRS 501c3 organization). We are also planning to sell the existing inventory of mono-band beam antennas that won’t be able to be put in use for the 2013 Jamboree.

We also had some fun creating what may very well be the first Call Sign Cloud of all the call signs presently on the K2BSA Jamboree staff. Check it out.

Call Sign Cloud — All the call signs for those serving on K2BSA Jamboree Staff.


  1. Will be working as staff elsewhere at Jambo, but plan to visit K2BSA. and can perhaps help out.


    • We’ll have three repeaters in operation — bring your hand-held! Stop by and say hi. We plan to open the HF stations in the evening for guest operators. 73, Jim, K5ND

  2. Why do you not seek to get the LOCAL amateur operators more involved? From the discussions at our meetings it seems almost like you actively try to DISCOURGAE locals from participating and helping. It seems like their knowledge of radio operations and the area would be a huge asset.

    I can certainly understand wanting to get the best possible people in to be part of this but if what I was told were the requirements are accurate it seems a bit restrictive. (approx $800 for “training” and must be EXTRA class and ACTIVE in scouting)

    • Robert,

      Thanks so much for your message and comments. Let me provide some further perspective on Jamboree staff recruiting and on the K2BSA operation. First, the staff registration fee and membership requirements apply to all areas of the Jamboree, not just K2BSA. The Jamboree expects to have 9,500 staff members on site from July 11 to July 25 running all aspects of the operation. We get to sleep in tents, eat sack lunches, take cold showers, and work long hours outdoors, some of us work in tents. Plus, we get to pay for the opportunity! Even so, the Jamboree will be a sought out highlight for the Scouting volunteers who will be selected from the 1.1 million registered Scouting leaders throughout the US, most of whom would love to be at the Jamboree. You can see more about registering as a staff member at https://summit.scouting.org/en/Jamboree2013/Pages/Staff.aspx The fee is $850 for the full Jamboree, $425 if you only attend one-half. You also need to factor in the time away from work and travel expenses. You can see that we have dedicated Scouting leaders to make this investment of time, treasure, and talent.

      As to the K2BSA operation, we currently have over 50 staff members recruited. You can see the staff list at http://k2bsa.wstearns.com/2013-staff/ It is an interesting mix with about 25% returning from the K2BSA operation at the 2010 Jamboree, about 25% returning from a different assignment at the 2010 Jamboree, and 50% for whom this is their first Jamboree experience. They are also coming in from around the country. Not all have Extra Class licenses, but all have been advised they need to show up with an Extra Class license. This was my decision as I want to set a minimum level of expertise and provide maximum flexibility around staff assignments as well as operating modes/frequencies. We plan to provide amateur radio demonstrations for 4,000+ Scouts and provide training for 400+ Scouts to earn the Radio Merit Badge. You can see our operations plan at http://k2bsa.wstearns.com/2013-plan/ We had our first webinar briefing this past week for all staff members. They are now working on teams to develop the Radio Merit Badge curriculum, the operation protocol and checklist, etc. We will also have a staging, testing, packaging meeting in Dayton in mid-May to collect all the equipment from our sponsors, set up the station and get it on the air, conduct merit badge workshops, and generally put everything to the test. Then we’ll pack it up and ship it to West Virginia for the Jamboree. The benefit of the location and timing is that we’ll be able to pick up needed parts, cables, etc. at the Dayton Hamvention Flea Market. Not all staff members will be able to attend.

      We are also working with ICOM America to install three repeaters at the Summit on a 120 foot tower on Rock Borrow. These will be installed on a permanent basis, first for the Jamboree but continuing long after to support other events at the Summit and the surrounding communities. This is covered in the plan document, but it will be an analog 2 meter repeater and analog 70 cm repeater, both with Echolink, along with a 70 cm D-Star repeater. I’m considering how best to involve the local amateur radio community in maintaining these repeaters in the future. This may be a role for you.

      I will also note that visitors will be welcome at the Jamboree from I believe 10 AM to 5 PM each day to experience elements of the Jamboree from zip lines to mountain biking to — amateur radio. So you can come out and see K2BSA in operation as well as work us on the air.

      Robert, I hope that helps provide some perspective on the Jamboree and on the K2BSA operation. Please feel free to share this with your club members and other amateur radio operators who are interested in serving on the K2BSA staff or who are just curious. Please let me know if you have any further questions. I hope to see you at the Jamboree or at least work you on the air!

      73, Jim, K5ND

    • In addition to Jim’s comments, it should be noted local radio amateurs are the Trustees for the license of the three Jamboree repeaters and will have a long term relationship as this is a permanent facility.

      The requirement on ‘active Scouter’ stems from our Youth Protection requirements and the need to relate to the youth and adults on their Scout terms. If asked where is the KYBO you would need to know the Scout jargon.

      Bill Ragsdale

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