JOTA Website Update


It’s time to begin pulling your plans together for the 2012 Jamboree on the Air. I know that several of you have already registered your planned operations. For the rest, you can register your station here.

The National Radio Scouting Committee has been busy over the past several months working on additional support materials and information. The JOTA website has been updated as follows:

  • New menu structure with top level categories and page links on the right side of the page here.
  • New content has been added including a thought starter booklet and sample activity workbook, a JOTA sticker template, links to ICOM Comic Books as well as band plans and maps here.
  • The recommended frequency listing has been updated here.
  • The ICOM station loan program and application are here with a new photo added to help viewers better understand the equipment and the kit.

The station registration system has been operating the last several months and currently shows a list of 25 stations registered to date with nearly 1,500 expected participants. A simplified table of stations is shown here and the full spreadsheet of registered stations along with contact information can be downloaded on that same page.

I encourage you to consider the ICOM station loan program either for JOTA or Radio Merit badge workshops that you have coming up, or perhaps a long term loan to help you get a camp or council station up and running. Ray Novak, N9JA, at ICOM has 10 stations ready to go.