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The K2BSA 2013 Jamboree Chairman, Jim, K5ND, conducted a webinar for staff members on February 2. You can find the slide deck here.

The BSA has just announced the Amateur Radio Operator Rating Strip for wear on youth and adult member uniforms. All registered youth members and adult leaders who also hold a valid amateur radio license are eligible to wear the rating strip.

You can read more and see the rating strip at the Operator Rating page on this website.

They should be in stock at the Supply warehouse in about two weeks. It will take longer for them to reach the stores.

This is fantastic news for amateur radio and Scouting.

I’ve updated the website with a new, cleaner look, using a responsive website theme. This allows the website to adjust to match the browser window, which should make it much more compatible with tablets, etc. I’ve also replaced the home page video with a slide show of some of the photos submitted with station reports for the 2012 Jamboree on the Air. Let me know what you think.