JOTA 2016 Patch Design Selected


Thanks to everyone who voted for their favorite JOTA patch design. Here’s how the voting came out. We’ve added the three selections below for reference. See the captions for the design numbers and voting results.

JOTA Patch Voting 2016

From left to right: B10332 (the winner), PW896 (third place), and PW898 (runner-up).
From left to right: B10332 (the winner), PW896 (third place), and PW898 (runner-up).


A question surfaced during the voting about where these designs originate. BSA Supply asks their patch vendor to design several options based on input from the BSA National Radio Scouting Committee. This year they produced 13 options. The Radio Scouting Committee then voted on the options, selecting their top three picks for your voting.

The next step will be to produce patch samples, approve them, and then manufacture them for availability by August 1 of this year.

You can find JPG and PNG files at 2016 JOTA Patch Design. These are early versions. We plan to have final high-resolution files available later this year.



  1. I’m a little disappointed with AB Emblem’s design work. Some of the elements used wouldn’t embroider well and I don’t know why it was designed that way.

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