2014 JOTA Patch Survey


Select your favorite from the three options. Click on each patch for a larger image.


  1. The first one is the clear winner. Let me know when and how I can purchase one of them.

    73de kd5srw

      • Jim, been trying to order JOTA patches and can’t seem to find them. I wanted 7 for my crew at N5CJR this year. Our scout shops didn’t get them in, and National seems to be sold out. Also wanted to get the 2012 patch for my personal collection since I didn’t get mine that year.

        • It looks like you’re out of luck for both 2014 and 2012. You may be able to work with your local Scout Shop to have them locate 2014 patches that may be at other stores.

          73, Jim, K5ND

    • But the last patch does say “JAMBOREE ON THE AIR”. It’s at the base of the tower. The word JAMBOREE stands out clearly, but the ON THE AIR part below JAMBOREE is in blue lettering and is more difficult to distinguish. Still, I like that this patch spells out the full name of the event. The other two just say “JOTA”, which will mean little to most people who are not involved in the event.

  2. On the first patch, “On The Air” should be the same color as “Jamboree”, or reversed (yellow font with red outline). The blue is difficult to see.

  3. The one with JOTA in the center won’t fit my round patch holder, but it will make people stop and ask what is JOTA.

  4. The B 9580 patch is the only one that prominently places “JOTA” out there for all to see. On the others you have to read the whole thing to get what it is fore. Name recognition and branding of the event is the key thing.

  5. The last one is very clean. The other two are great, but a bit busy. Remember, we’re looking at a graphic. It’s going to look a bit different in cloth form. I agree with Walter, doesn’t say “Jamboree on the Air” but then again, there’s only s much room. 🙂

  6. PW629A grabs a Scout’s attention better – we can then pull them in by explaining what “JOTA” stands for.

    I would suggest putting an outline BSA flour de lis in the center of the outgoing radio waves at the top of the tower (same bold black as the radio waves).

  7. I cry fowl on voting. A week ago the last one was way ahead and the top one last. I voted back then. I was just able to vote again today so apparently you can sit there and vote over and over for the same choice padding the votes.

    Doesn’t matter to me but I voted for the one that actually says “Jamboree on the Air”.

    • The time delay on voting is one week. So those that voted seven days ago now have an opening to vote again, as you have done.

      We will leave this open a few more days as my message to the Scouts-L list was just approved today.

  8. After reading all the comments thus far, i agree with the thought that B9580 will intrigue Scouts enough that they might ask “What is JOTA?” and that is our chance to explain…and in many cases “get ” the Scouts on the air.

    Here is a thought, offer all the patch variations and let the buyer pick which ever one they like…if you make them limited editions, then they will all sell, perhaps some will purchase one of each for their collections.

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