Jamboree July 21


Fantastic results on Sunday, July 21. The K2BSA demonstration station saw 531 Scouts, Scouters, and visitors go through the station. Of course, the frequent rain showers pushed a few people into our tent and we took advantage of the opportunity to introduce them to amateur radio!

The Radio Merit Badge workshops awarded the badge to 43 Scouts. To date, 248 Scouts have earned the badge at the Jamboree. ARDF-Foxhunting saw 22 Scouts on the trails hunting for hidden transmitters. Pretty good results for a very rainy day.

We have a high altitude balloon launch today that you can follow here. It is planned to launch around 10:30 AM Eastern, 1430 UTC. We also have an amateur radio license testing session planned for 7 PM this evening.

Tomorrow is the last day of the Jamboree. We’re getting pretty tired but delighted that we could serve Scouting and amateur radio in this fabulous new location for the Jamboree.