Jamboree July 15


The first day of the Jamboree was for the most part move-in day for the Scouts. 760 buses arrived over the course of the day with the first bus arriving at 6 AM and as we hiked back to the staff base camp at 7 PM, the buses were still arriving. Even so, many Scouts were able to set up camp and then head to the Summit Center for activities including the K2BSA operation.

Here’s our early numbers — 153 Scouts received amateur radio demonstrations during the first afternoon and one Scout earned the Radio Merit Badge. Over the course of our entire operation here, we’ve made 290 QSOs which included 16 countries. You can check the logbook for your station here.

Today, the morning will be taken up with the opening show in the nearby Summit Stadium. We can actually watch from the station — we call it a sky box. The afternoon should be plenty busy.


  1. Will you be on D-star ? ? what reflector ? ? last week I saw WV8BSA on 033 A ,,not now .. will that be your repeater/ gateway ?

    • Hi Roland, you have the correct repeater, WV8BSA, and the correct Scouting reflector, 033A, our repeaters lost AC power last night. They are now up and running.

  2. When will WV8BSA get on AllStar? (http://www.allstarlink.org/)

    I’m listening to both repeaters and echolink don’t sound too well. The link keeps falling out with users “over deviating”. be sure that the audio input to the repeaters do not exceed 4.5kcs.

    Also, I have not seen my call in the log book.

    • WV8BSA won’t be on AllStar. Echolink should be improved for this evening’s net. We’ve tried a few new settings. Logbooks are uploaded each evening. Thanks for getting on the air and helping us demonstrate amateur radio to the Scouts.

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