Amateur Radio — Live from the Jamboree!

Not able to attend the 2017 National Scout Jamboree?

[perfectpullquote align="right" cite="" link="" color="#3366CC" class="" size=""]The K2BSA station consists of nearly twenty staff members working a total of eight separate stations. That includes four Icom IC-7300s, one IC-7700, one IC-7600, one IC-9100, and one ID-5100. Antennas include DX Engineering supplied Hex Beams and verticals as well as MFJ supplied dipoles. [/perfectpullquote]

Here's how to engage with K2BSA and Jamboree participants as well as Jamboree visitors via amateur radio during the Jamboree from July 19 to 27, with setup operation beginning as early as July 16.

We will be posting our operating frequencies in real time on Facebook and Twitter.

On the Air Frequencies:

SSB in MHz: 28.390, 24.960, 21.360, 18.140, 14.290, 7.190, 3.940

PSK-31 in MHz: 28.120, 24.920, 21.080, 18.100, 14.070, 10.142, 7.080, 3.580

EchoLink: K2BSA-R Demonstration Station (node 4566), WV8BSA-R UHF Repeater (node 6544), NA1WJ-R VHF Repeater (node 873264), Conference *JAMBO* (node 832996). Please plan to connect via *JAMBO* conference for best results.

D-Star: WV8BSA, Module B, and Reflector 033A — note that during the Jamboree WV8BSA is locked to REF033A, the dedicated Scouting reflector, to avoid problems with linking and unlinking with each operator's preferences.

CW: There will be limited operation on CW as time permits. See Scouting Frequencies.

QSLs: The current K2BSA Jamboree Logbook can be found at Jamboree Logbook. There is also an online QSL request window on that page, SASE to NE3R, QSL manager, plus Logbook of the World will have all QSOs after the Jamboree.

Times of Operation: The Summit Center is only open from 8 AM to 5 PM Eastern Time starting July 19 through the 27. We do hope to operate in the evenings remotely from staff camp, but that's not assured. Our demonstrations with Scouts will be happening in the daytime and that's when we need contacts.

Are you planning to attend the Jamboree as a participant, staff member, or visitor?

Here's how to engage with K2BSA while on site.

Be sure to stop by the K2BSA location in the Summit Center — demonstrations for Scouts, Radio Merit Badge workshop, and ARDF-Foxhunting. Balloon launches on July 20 and possibly the 22nd. International Space Station Contact unfortunately has been cancelled due to ISS workload priorities. Nightly nets on repeater frequencies at 7:30 PM Eastern.

EchoLink and D-Star as show above and repeaters shown below. Note that the D-Star repeater is locked to Reflector 033A, the dedicated Scouting reflector, to avoid problems with linking and unlinking at each operator's preference.

Summit Repeater Frequencies

RepeaterCall SignOutput FrequencyOffsetTone
2 m AnalogNA1WJ146.700 MHz-600 kHz123.0 Hz
70 cm AnalogWV8BSA444.025 MHz+5 MHz123.0 Hz
70 cm D-StarWV8BSA441.8125 MHz+5 MHzN/A

There is also a nearby DMR repeater at 442.900 / 447.900, color code 5.

APRS will be active.