WSJ — On Site Operating Frequencies

During the World Scout Jamboree in North America Radio Scouts using Amateur Radio will be active at the Demonstration station NA1WJ. Apart from Shortwave communications NA1WJ will operate on local VHF and UHF frequencies and repeaters in both FM and Digital modes. This document will cover frequencies and usage of all VHF and UHF operations of NA1WJ.


NA1WJ will operate on VHF and UHF repeaters that deliver coverage on the WSJ site.

Local repeaters are installed at Rock Borrow site on The Summit property:

Repeater Downlink (MHz) Uplink (MHz) Shift Tone (Hz)
NA1WJ 2 m Analog 146.700 146.100 – 600 kHz 123.0
WV8BSA 70 cm Analog 444.025 449.025 + 5 MHz 123.0
WV8BSA 70 cm D-Star 441.8125 446.8125 + 5 MHz
DMR 441.8750 446.8750 + 5 MHz CC 1
  • WV8BSA is running as Echolink node 9877.
  • The D-star repeater is permanently connected to REF033A the full-time JOTA/Radio Scouting D-STAR Reflector.

Off site 2 DMR repeaters are within range of WSJ. These are:

Repeater Downlink (MHz) Uplink (MHz) Shift Tone (Hz)
KC8AFH (1) DMR 443.8750 447.8750 + 5 MHz CC 1
KC8AFH (2) DMR 442.8750 447.8750 + 5 MHz CC 1
  1. Installed at Lick Knob. South-west of the Summit property
  2. Installed at Keeny mountain covers from the WV/VA state line on I-64 all the way to Beckley then the Lick Knob repeater will take you to the Summit.
  • All three DMR repeaters are linked to DMR-MARC. And deliver talkgroups JOTA (907), JOTA (9701) and JOTA 2 (9702).

Simplex operations

Where NA1WJ is expected to run primary on VHF and UHF repeaters, simplex frequencies can be used for local communications. These frequencies are suggested for scouts on site.

2 M FM Simplex

147.450, 147.480, 147.510, 147.540* * Use 147.540 as Calling Channel.

Avoid 146.520, the National FM Simplex Calling Frequency, as well as 146.550, which is commonly used by mobiles and RVers.

70 cm FM Simplex

446.000*, 445.950, 446.050, 446.100, 446.150 * Use 446.000 as Calling Channel.

D-Star Simplex

SIMPLEX Channels: 145.670*, 145.640, 145.610, 438.010. * 145.670 and 438.010 are

commonly used as the National D-STAR Simplex Channels and should be used only as

Calling Channels for JOTA. Always listen first to avoid interfering with another QSO.

DMR Simplex

SIMPLEX Channels: 441.0000*, 446.5000, 446.0750, 433.4500, 145.7900*, 145.5100. All

simplex frequencies operate on time-slot 1 and use color code 1. (*are commonly used as

the National DMR Simplex Channels and should be used only as Calling Channels.)

Linked operations


NA1WJ can be found on Echolink conference *JAMBO* and *JOTA-365* and node 832996, K2BSA Conference Node.

The local VHF/UHF repeater WV8BSA is running as Echolink node 9877 but currently off-line (13-2-2019)