Constitution and Bylaws

In the January 2015 meeting of the K2BSA Amateur Radio Association changes to membership dues and membership levels were voted on and approved. Taking into account those changes along with allowing online meetings and voting resulted in a revised constitution and bylaws. Over the course of February, March, and April 2015, the revised document received many comments and considerable discussion. Many of those comments were incorporated in the final document which was voted on by the membership and approved on May 1, 2015.

In December 2017 further changes were voted on by the membership and approved. Following that vote, in March 2018, the constitution and bylaws were fully updated to comply with the vote as well as take into account current association operating practices including web-based meetings.

You can find the original Constitution and Bylaws at the 2015 link below. You can find the updated Constitution and Bylaws at the 2018 link below:

K2BSA ARA Constitution Bylaws 1-May-15 FINAL

K2BSA ARA Constitution Bylaws 7-March-2018 FINAL