Icom America announced last night that they have introduced Morse-It Powered by Icom. It’s an iPhone and iPad app for learning the Morse Code. It’s available on iTunes during Hamvention at no charge. Check it out at


  1. Thank goodness SOMEONE finally saw the light on MORSE!

    Morse Code and wig-wag is the true mode of Boy Scouting…..It’s about time that CW was brought to the forefront. One of these days when all this “magic electronic stuff” has dead batteries…the world will rediscover Morse…..

    Glad to see it…

    I am making plans to introduce CW and DX HAM RADIO to the scouts a Camp Giger, Pony Express Council here in St.Joseph, Mo. The camp is offering Radio Merit badge this summer. I hope to influence some of the young men into the “mysterious” world of MORSE !


  2. Morse App on IPhone, What a good idea– Scouts and Scout Ham are going to have a lot of fun with it. Maybe we will get some more Scout Hams….

    Had good luck using the digital features of IC 31A as a Troop handheld when you have two or more.

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