Eagle Project Ideas


We had a Life Scout ask for recommendations for Eagle Scout projects that involve amateur radio. So we fired off a message on the K2BSA Facebook Page and on a couple of email lists. You can see the results in the document titled Eagle Project Ideas involving Amateur Radio


  1. Putting on or supporting JOTA cannot be an Eagle project. That will be rejected. The project must benefit an organization other than the BSA. Those should be removed from the list.

    I approve Eagle projects for our district.

    • Walter is right. But He might be able to promote field day and especially a GOTA station (get on the air). Similar but doesn’t involve BSA. Maybe organize a special event that includes a GOTA station and a Tech class.

      Some good ideas though.

  2. I must have missed the original post. My Eagle project back in 1978 involved Ham Radio. I assisted the Handi Hams, http://www.handiham.org , in lining up volunteers to help handicapped members getting their licenses. By today’s standards, I suspect my project would have needed to have a little bit bigger scope, because mine really only involved putting together a couple of mailings. (Back in my day, the Eagle service project wasn’t quite as big a deal as it is today. In fact, I believe the requirement was fairly new when I went through.) But I suspect there would be a lot of opportunities today, since the organization relies even more on volunteers than it did then.

    For my project, I prepared mailings that went to all of their members, soliciting volunteers willing to “elmer” new hams. I sent another mailing to their list of potential hams, asking whether they needed someone in their area. I then generated list of those needing help, what kind of assistance they needed, and hams who were willing to volunteer. I didn’t have much involvement in actually pairing them up, but that was the purpose of the list I generated. I suspect that today, in order to get the project approved, the Scout would need to be the one to actually put the volunteers in contact with those they were helping.

    If the potential Eagle lives near one of their camp facilities (which I believe are in Minnesota and California), there are probably some “construction” type projects involving their club stations at those locations. In Minnesota, they probably have some needs that could be met involving their equipment lending program. But even if the Scout lives elsewhere, I suspect there would be a number of needs, similar to what I did, that could be done anywhere.

    I would encourage the Scout to investigate this organization, and I think he could identify some needs where he could help. I don’t believe the Handi Hams currently have any paid staff, so he could probably make a real difference.

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