JOTA 2012 Results


Scout Participation up nearly 500%

USA participation in Jamboree on the Air surged in 2012 with 204 stations reporting their activities — up 200% from 2011. These stations reported 18,537 Scouts participating — up nearly 500%. Overall, the station reports represented 136 Scout Councils and 41 states. Over 1,000 amateur radio operators were involved in contacting all 50 states and 66 countries — across the country and around the world!

You can see the list of stations and download a full spreadsheet with individual station reports at Jamboree on the Air Station Reports

You can also download a comprehensive report on the preparation, promotion, and results along with a compilation of improvements to be considered for the 2013 event.


K2TD Jamboree on the Air 2012. Using the ICOM America Loan Station.

K2TD Event, Burlington County Council, New Jersey, using ICOM Loan Station

I do not think I can precisely express in words the wonderful experience for all involved, but in a very special way for all our youth, the Scouts.  These young individuals had in about 30 hours combined lessons that will last a lifetime.  They learned about geography, physics, math, languages, world citizenship, science, friendship, team work and so many other skills that most kids their age are never able to experience.  These kids’ minds have been stamped forever with the experience of communicating with other human beings around the corner and across the world.
Max Stiles, BSA Unit Commissioner, after attending JOTA event