World Jamboree Staff Qualification

Thanks for your interest in serving on the World Scout Jamboree staff for amateur radio station NA1WJ.

Completing this information will help us review your application to serve on staff.  Completing the form does not ensure a place on the amateur radio staff. It’s merely one step among many. One of the first steps is to make sure you select “Amateur Radio” as your preference with your IST registration.

If you’ve been asked to complete this survey and yet don’t have much or any experience with amateur radio — no worries. We need several people to work our front desk, greeting Scouts and describing our operation. If you like to greet people, can converse in a couple of languages, you’d be ideal. So go ahead and complete the survey — marking none in call sign, etc. and then telling us a little bit about yourself in the “Anything Else?” section.

You can learn more about the World Scout Jamboree amateur radio operation at NA1WJ Operation Overview.