World Jamboree Staff Qualification

Thanks for your interest in serving on the World Scout Jamboree staff for amateur radio station NA1WJ.

Completing this information will help us review your application to serve on staff.  Completing the form does not ensure a place on the amateur radio staff. It's merely one step among many. One of the first steps is to make sure you select "Amateur Radio" as your preference with your IST registration.

You can learn more about the World Scout Jamboree amateur radio operation at NA1WJ Operation Overview.

2019 World Scout Jamboree Staffing

Qualification review for prospective 2019 World Scout Jamboree staff members.
  • Enter your call sign if you have one.
  • Please select your country of residence.
  • Please list the languages you can speak with Scouts to explain amateur radio operation.
  • Please indicate the type of amateur radio license you hold, the country of license, and the means you'll use to operate in the USA.
  • List the activities that you engage in on a regular basis.
  • Please provide insight into your amateur radio and Scouting activities.
  • List previous Jamboree positions held and years, if any. If none, write in none.
  • Let us know what else would be of interest. You can also comment on the areas you'd like to work during the operation (station demonstrations, foxhunting, and station maintenance, front desk greeter/registrar, etc.).