JOTA Station Registration

Please register your Jamboree on the Air station using the form below.

We recommend that you take advantage of the resources on this website for your station. Here’s a short list:

Also be prepared to file a station report about JOTA weekend. During the event capture a few key numbers: Scouts and Girl Scouts participating, visitors participating, amateur radio operators involved, radios on the air, total number of contacts, as well as states and countries contacted.

We would also like to see your best photos and hear some stories about your event. Add this to your JOTA action plan and make the assignment to someone on your team. You can find a full list of things to do for your report at JOTA Station Report Best Practices.

If you’re not sure of your local Scout Council name, try this locator


We hope you had a fantastic JOTA 2019 — Registration is now closed.