Hamvention 2020

Here’s the promotional materials currently planned for the K2BSA – Radio Scouting booth at Hamvention.

This is what the booth space looked like in 2019. The top level banner will continue to be used in 2020.


Here’s the booth space in 2018, including the sweeper (large vertical poster on a stand) that will also be available in 2020.


Here are the early drafts of promotion items for 2020.

Updated poster for 2020. In pdf format https://k2bsa.net/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/Hamvention-Poster-2020-V1-LoRes.pdf

Low resolution image:

Three panel brochure supporting amateur radio mentoring for Scouts. PDF at this link Mentoring Brochure V4



Handout to support Icom America Scout Loan stations, a full loan kit will also be in the booth.

New sweeper for the booth, can be swapped with the current sweeper or use both.