The K2BSA ARA has established several committees to conduct key aspects of club operation and outreach. Here’s the current listing and members as of September 18, 2015.

Nominations Committee:

  • John Whiteley, WV8JW
  • Donald Sonnefeld, KD2FIL
  • Bruce Burnette, K5PX
  • Bill Hall, KQ4FA
  • Jim Wilson, K5ND, advisor

Jamboree on the Air Committee:

  • Don Kunst, W3LNE, Chairman
  • Marcos Clayton Pessoa, PU7MCV
  • Nate Balk, KC9ZXK
  • Shane Godmere, KA8QZH
  • Tim Gelvin, K3TEG

We are also building a Jamboree Committee but have not yet launched it. Current members are:

  • Michael Boschet, AC9BE
  • Sjaak van Dam, W4RIS/PA3GVR
  • Chris Hatcher, KC8AFH

Thanks for those who have volunteered to serve on these important committees.