WV8BSA Repeaters

The Summit Repeater Association was formed in March 2013 to support the repeaters at The Summit near Mount Hope, West Virginia. These three repeaters were provided by Icom America as part of their sponsorship of the Boy Scouts of America. They will remain in place supporting not only Jamborees but all events at The Summit as well as the local community.WV8BSA-Lucida-Sans-Font

In May 2013, the Summit Repeater Association was granted the call sign WV8BSA for use with these repeaters. If you’re headed to any other event at The Summit, here’s the frequencies. The FM repeaters support Echolink. So you can reach these repeaters from around the world either by Echolink or via D-Star.

Summit Repeater Frequencies

RepeaterCall SignOutput FrequencyOffsetTone
2 m AnalogNA1WJ146.700 MHz-600 kHz123.0 Hz
70 cm AnalogWV8BSA444.025 MHz+5 MHz123.0 Hz
70 cm D-StarWV8BSA441.8125 MHz+5 MHzN/A


There is also a DMR Repeater at the Rock Borrow site:

  • 441.875 (+) MHz cc1
  • JOTA 907 on ts 1 full time
  • JOTA 9071 and 9072 on ts 2 on demand
  • Dmarc north America 3 on ts 1
  • Dmarc world wide 1 on ts 1
  • West Virginia 3154 on ts 2
The full details for the WV8BSA repeaters are at this link WV8BSA Summit Repeaters 2019.