Jamboree on the Air Station Report

Your station information will be compiled into the USA Jamboree on the Air Report.

If you don’t have exact numbers for some of the information, you can use your best judgement to provide an estimate. Once you press the “file report” button, you’ll receive a confirmation email along with a link to download the JOTA 2019 Certificate.

If you don’t know the council name in completing the form below you can find it by zip code at the Local Council Locator.

There is another page for your report after the one shown below. The next page seeks a listing of the communication modes used at your location as well as your stories, suggestions for improvement, and states/countries worked. You’ll also have a chance to submit photos and videos. Then press “file report.”

Thanks for taking the time to document your results. Thanks, too, for all your great work with Scouts during Jamboree on the Air.

JOTA 2023 Report

Report for 2023 Jamboree on the Air Stations

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  • You can look up your local council based on zip code at the Local Council Locator. Follow the link in the instructions above.
  • The call sign for your JOTA station. If you participated in JOTI only, please enter NONE.
  • If we have any questions, we'll contact you at this email address.
  • Anyone at your event that is not a Scout or amateur radio operator.
  • Total number of amateur radio operators that supported your operation.