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The report for the K2BSA 2013 Jamboree Operation has been posted. Also check out the map of all the USA contacts at the bottom of the page. Can you find your call sign?

K2BSA was featured on Jamboree Today with three articles during the Jamboree —

Overview of K2BSA and the upcoming ISS Contact

ARDF Foxhunting at K2BSA

International Space Station Contact Results


You can listen in to the K2BSA to ISS contact beginning at 11:34 AM Eastern and 1534 UTC via the streaming audio provided by QBSA, the broadcast radio station at the Jamboree, at this website.

Bryan Wendell, who writes the blog Bryan on Scouting, for Scouting Magazine, stopped by today and went on a ARDF Foxhunting trip with some Scouts. Check out his great write up and photos here.